These four updates may help you sell your home for more.

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What affordable improvements can you make to maximize the value of your home? If you’re selling soon, these upgrades will drive more interest to your listing, potentially get you a higher price, and maybe even spur multiple offers.

1. Painting. A fresh coat of paint always makes an excellent impression, especially if your walls are dirty, scuffed, or painted a darker color. Fresh paint in a neutral color will make all the difference. A light gray or natural beige are generally the best options.

2. Replace old flooring. Carpets or other floorings that are worn out can bring down the perceived value of your house. It’s best to replace old flooring, but if it’s just not in the budget, clean them as well as possible, and consider offering a flooring allowance.

These updates will drive more interest to your listing.

3. Update light fixtures, faucets, and door hardware. These can be fairly inexpensive, yet they instantly give your home a more updated feel. Also, think about upgrading the kitchen and bathroom hardware to a bronze or silver color, especially if you still have the old brass hardware.

4. Update accessories and artwork. I usually find very affordable pieces for staging, and they can immediately update your house.

As always, if you have any questions about these updates or real estate in general, please feel free to reach out to us via call, text, or email. We’d be happy to help.