Here are six steps for decluttering your home in preparation for sale.

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How do you declutter your home in preparation for sale? You’ve likely heard this piece of advice before, but let’s dive deeper into what it means.

1. Furniture and knick-knacks. Remove excess or oversized pieces of furniture. Some furniture helps people visualize what’s possible in a room, but if it’s too large or there are too many pieces, the space will feel smaller. Also, remove knick-knacks that you may like, but can make a room feel busy.

2. Personal items. Family photos and collectibles should be stored out of sight.

3. Cabinets and bathroom vanities. Buyers will open these doors, and if the cabinets are cluttered, it gives the impression of not having enough storage space.

The more spacious a home, the larger it feels.

4. Closets. The same as above—make sure they aren’t overly full. Declutter clothing and shoes to make it feel as spacious as possible.

5. Floors. All floors of rooms and closets should be decluttered. The more floor that shows, the larger the space appears.

6. The yard. Decluttering the yard is necessary too; remove extra items, debris, and store the woodpile if you have one. Also, don’t forget about curb appeal.

If you have any questions whatsoever about decluttering, staging, or real estate, please reach out via phone or email. I would be happy to help.