Here are four great reasons it’s a wonderful time to sell your home.


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“Is now a good time to sell my home?” I frequently receive that question this time of year, and my answer is yes! Here are a few reasons why it’s a great time to sell in our current market:

1. Interest rates are incredibly low. That means there are many buyers eager to purchase a house, and they can now buy more house for less money.

2. Inventory is extremely low. Along with the high buyer demand, you’re not only able to sell your property quickly, but you’re also likely to obtain multiple offers, which may net you more than list price. You likely won’t be in competition with another similar home.

It’s a great time to sell in our current market.

3. Prices continue to rise. Along with the previous two points, this means you’ll probably get a higher return on your investment.

4. Fewer contingencies. Sellers are seeing cleaner offers with fewer contingencies, which often means less expense and hassle for sellers on closing costs, home warranties, and repairs.

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