Make your home’s exterior pop with these five tips.


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Here are a few steps you can use to improve your curb appeal and spruce up your home’s exterior:

1. Remove fallen debris. Pick up any tree limbs and debris that might have fallen down over the winter, and sweep your decks and porches.

2. Pressure wash. Washing the siding of your house, your deck, sidewalk, and driveway can make a big improvement and brighten the appeal of your home.

3. Remove dead plants. Plant some fresh, blooming flowers either in flower beds or in pots to instantly give your home a pop. Be sure to add some fresh soil and mulch around your plants and flowers; this will not only improve their health but also make those colors pop.

A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference.

4. Clean your windows. Clean your windows both inside and out; this will not only help improve your curb appeal but also let in more natural light to illuminate your home.

5. Paint your front door. A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference. Black, blue, red, as well as certain shades of gray, are still very popular colors.

If you have any questions about how to boost your home’s curb appeal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.