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Slavic was born in Ukraine and moved to America when he was nine years old. Just out of high school he volunteered to help build a church and this sparked him to build and own real estate. He lived in Alaska for many years where he worked in the mining industry with crazy hours that allowed him to work half the month. This gave him time to get involved in real estate through building, remodeling, and working with tenants.

Slavic sees real estate as an investment so much so that every time he speaks with people he encourages them to buy real estate. He prides himself on being straightforward and treating people as he would like to be treated. Following are examples of Slavic’s desire to help: At one time, he had a duplex and encouraged one of his very dependable, long-term tenants to purchase a house, even though he would lose them as a tenant. They were glad for the advice and decided purchase a home. Another time a young couple moved next door and he advised them that purchasing real estate is a great idea to and they actually bought the duplex next to him. Since then, they bought another property and still own their initial investment many years later. Slavic also has a personal understanding of what it is like to construct a new home: When he built his houses and remodeled he went through the whole process; buying land, building permits, inspections, hiring contractors, and it helped him understand the ins and outs of building and real estate. Additionally, because he has purchased and sold three homes in three different states he feels he has more insight into what people are experiencing and what they may need when selling or buying properties.

After 20 years in Alaska, he and his family moved to Nevada where he continued his mining career. However, he and his family missed other family members and relocated to Oak Ridge, TN in 2020 to be closer to them. He, his wife, and six children, are very excited to settle down in this beautiful area. The scenery is perfect for his photography hobby, and living in East Tennessee also allows him to go biking and hiking year round. Slavic is a people person with the ability to read people pretty well. He loves to help others and won’t quit till he finds a solution.

He looks forward to meeting and helping even more people!

Slavic Puchalsky

Slavic Puchalsky

Listing/Buyer’s Specialist REALTOR®

Office: 865-966-5005
Mobile: 865-867-0077
Fax: 865-966-5002

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